E-Carry Deck Crane Gcar Crane 4500

Designed for industrial job sites, parking structures, clean-rooms, food processing facilities, breweries, power generation plants, construction sites, or anywhere that you would used an industrial carrydeck crane, our cranes have innovative features that can help you with your material handling needs
E-Carry Deck Crane - Gcar Crane 4500
E-Carry Deck Crane - Gcar Crane 4500
E-Carry Deck Crane - Gcar Crane 4500
E-Carry Deck Crane - Gcar Crane 4500
Main Features

Led light for dark work environment

Lmi monitor

Emergency stop switch

Non marking tires

High reach



Division Item Unit Detail Remark
Length Chassis 3.33m
Overall 4.35m
Width: 1.57m
Height Deck 87cm
Overall 2.005m
Wheelbase 1.98m
Ground clearance: Chassis 28cm
Angle of approach: 21deg
Angle of departure: 17deg
Turning radius 9.078m
Travel speed 6km/h
Weight distribution Front axle X
Rear axle X
Total 4018.8kg
Tire footprint area X
Outrigger footprint area X
Drawbar pull X
Gradeability X
Grade limit X
Boom movement Rotation Continuous
Elevation 70deg
Extension 3.58m
Tail swing 1.08m
Boom speeds Rotation 360deg/27sec
Elevation 9sec
Extension 25sec
Sheave height Without jib 8.415m
With jib 10.635m
Horizontal reach Without jib 6.27m
With jib 8.54m
Engine Gasoline 10kw electric motor x 2ea
Steering Cylinder 61mm
Tires Standard 7.0 x 12
Cargo deck 5100lbs
Pintle hook
Hydraulic system Boom system 19cc/rev(34.2l/min), 230bar
Transmission pump 19cc/rev x 2(57l/min), 230bar
Electrical group Battery 72v
Outrigger alarm system 97db
Back-up alarm 97db
Boom assembly Section 3 section
Steel High strength steel
Boom cylinder X
Boom hoist 인양하중 X
Line speed 11m/min
Wire rope 10mm
규제조건 Boom ext, , 데릭하강, winch up
Jib boom 2.24m(86kg)
0/25/50 deg offset
"The above information, specifications and images may differ from actual vehicle and may be changed without prior notice for performance improvement. Please contact our sales office for exact model option and specification"
Working radious
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