The mission of Horyong

It will provide a safe and convenient equipment through the unremitting challenges and continuous innovation to make a happy society with customers worldwide.

Vision is to fulfill this mission

Utilizing the new power system of Elecar products in 2020 is to achieve sales of 500 billion to build the world's first of new product, and dealership in above 30 countries abroad.
By 2023, the world's most secure and convenient by building the world's top five least developed products and international production system is to enter the global TOP10 and achieved sales of 1 trillion.
Employees, customers, and partners to implement the policy consistently pursuing happiness, and to practice the love of community development and sharing.

Core Values

Customer Satisfaction

Safe and convenient device

The best design, process, and quality in the world.

Trust and love

Constitutional organization

  • Starting 10 minutes before work Horyong mission, vision, core values exclaims..
  • Reading a book, and self-development at least four times a month.
  • Weekly quality issues through meetings, information sharing, and improvements must be run on the design error.
  • Settings 10 or more minutes each day to practice Standard quality, the standard amount , standard, Sorting, Straightening, Shining, Standardizing, Sustaining.